Delivery Solution

Since 2017, JOYdriv has refined the ability to attract the area's best independent contract drivers. In addition, our vehicles offer a reliable, eco-friendly that are cleaned regularly by JOYdriv staff, maintained monthly, GPS tracked installed that includes 2-way video recording; everything inside & outside the vehicle is being watched. Our Delivery Partners appreciate our reliable solution and we've been proud to provide the best in 1000s of deliveries each week.

In light of the global disruption due to COVID-19, we have been working hard to expand our service to help provide our safer delivery solution direct to retailers, restaurants and consumers. Our motivation is to continue to help our Member Drivers flourish, while providing a better solution to our community.


Starting the week of March 23rd, we will have a SIMPLE SOLUTION for retailers and restaurants to easily add a flat-fee delivery service. In addition, we are working on a direct-to-consumer delivery page as well, so that our team of Member Drivers can pick-up and drop-off anything that fits in a Prius.

Our Solution is S-I-M-P-L-E:

- Like carryout, take the call, the order, add your desired delivery fee, take payment & delivery details, 

- Input Delivery Details on your own JOYdriv Delivery Webpage form & a Member Driver will be dispatched &

- JOYdriv will invoice you at the end of the week for deliveries made with a full report.

That's it.

No complicated website or fee structure; plus you build your relationship with your customers.

We are updating this page regularly as we continue to evolve our solution. If you have questions, please email us:


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2410 Eugenia Ave, Nashville, TN 37211, USA